Millennial Coyote Ruins Proposal

Millennial coyote photobomb.  Photo Credit: Chris Jackson

Millennial coyote photobomb.  Photo Credit: Chris Jackson

Things were shaping up to be lovely evening alongside scenic White Rock Lake when Balon Chayne and his girlfriend Mary Mee brought picnic supplies to dine as the sun set. 

Mee didn't know that Chayne had planned a photographer to hide in the woods to capture his proposal to his long-term girlfriend, but things would not go as planned. "We had just opened the locally sourced brie when I saw him," said Chayne of the coyote that began to creep near the picnic. Little did they know, this coyote would not be easy to dispatch. "He didn't come close until we opened the local farm-to-table stuff, which I thought was interesting." 

"I threw a handful of crackers into the woods, hoping he would leave us alone," said Mee. "He brought them back and seemed to indicate he could only eat our gluten-free snacks."

The couple continued looking for solutions to rid themselves of this untamed urban canine. I thought he might chase the Frisbee I brought for us to play with, so I tossed it into the field," said Chayne. "The coyote just looked at me like I was doing the lamest activity ever." The coyote then  began doing handstand push-ups against a tree and box jumps onto a boulder. "I guess coyotes these days only do Cross-Fit," said Chayne. 

Chayne and Mee persevered and finished their picnic, trying to ignore the coyote that continually crept towards their blanket. "He seemed obsessed with my phone," said Mee. "The coyote kept looking at it and trying to sniff around it."

When it was time for Chayne to drop to one knee, the photographer, Lens Speed crept from behind a bush and began capturing the moment. "I couldn't get a shot that didn't have the coyote in it," Speed said. "He just kept photobombing and making duck face behind the couple. It was as if he has been posing for pictures for years now. He was blocking the actual ducks I was trying to include in the background!"

In the end, Mee said "yes" and the two have begun to plan their wedding. In response to the coyote's role in the evening, Chayne said, "Let's just say none of these pictures are going to make the Save the Date."