Local Man to Vote Based on Number of Flyers Received

If the flyers aren't two sided, color, and glossy, they don't count. 

If the flyers aren't two sided, color, and glossy, they don't count. 

In the contentious City Council and Dallas ISD Trustee elections in East Dallas, one man has given up trying to figure out who believes in what. 

Sevec Dutee has been swamped by what seems like dozens of flyers per day, has read Facebook comments posted by people who are "absolutely sure" the other person is lying and wants to destroy all that the other holds dear, and has taken in numerous pictures with the candidates posing with children, families, and dogs. He has now had enough. 

All four candidates have based their campaign on claims about their opponent that are vehemently denied by their rival. Seeing as Duttee does not have the ability to read the minds of the candidates, he is going to base his vote on who has sent him the most flyers. "It's close right now, so I am going to wait until Saturday's mail to give the candidates one more chance to win my vote. My mailbox is always open."

Duttee hasn't read any of the flyers, but is keeping a meticulous count of how many each candidate has sent him. For him, choosing this way is as logical as listening to any of the pointless keyboard battles raging all around him. 

In both elections, there is a candidate who is backed by Political Action Committees who promote policies that the candidates themselves say they are against. East Dallas voters are traditionally against these PACs throwing their money around to make the city and school district less democratic and more privatized, and Dutee counts himself among them. 

In the City Council election, Matt Wood has the backing of the powerful For Our Community PAC, who has backed the Trinity Toll Road and other corporate elitism, yet Matt Wood has assured voters that he is against the Toll Road. In the Dallas ISD trustee race, Dustin Marshall has the backing of numerous education PACs such as Dallas Kids First, who have historically supported the education reform movement. Education reformers often push for school grading systems, a dismantling of the neighborhood schools, teacher evaluation systems that have been proven to be inaccurate and unfair, and the privatization of the public education system. But Dustin Marshall has again and again stated that he is against school vouchers, despite the financial connection to powers that have pushed for vouchers. 

On the other side of the ballot, there is an incumbent whose favorite negotiating tool is "scarcasm" and a trustee candidate who may or may not know much other than the aforementioned voucher argument and the fact that her student goes to a local public school and her opponent's do not. All four candidates have denied almost all of what their opponent has said about them.

Sevec feels that the more similar two candidates are, the more hubbub the supporters of those candidates make. He feels fortunate to be in such a politically active community who cares about schools and city government, but has become apathetic on the content. "I look forward to doing my own count on election day, and making a decision from there," Duttee said.