Lakewood Momfia made an offer former principal couldn't refuse

Residents know who really runs this school.

Residents know who really runs this school.

As Lakewood Elementary runs through another principal, residents have begun to wonder what the real cause may be. 

Sources close to the former Lakewood principal say that Lakewood Momfia, an underground mothers group, leaned on him just enough to push him out the door. 

The Lakewood Momfia is a cadre of mothers in the neighborhood that uses its free time and connections to influence school decision-making. They expect twice-weekly meetings with the principal, a monthly dinner group, and for the principal to let them have free reign throughout the school. 

The Lakewood principal was unable to meet the demands of the group, which meets in a secret, cucumber melon-infused pilates room at the back of Andrea's Italian restaurant on Gaston.  

Recent demands of the Momfia had been for the school to allow them to repaint the front of the building chartreuse, rename the school, and take over for several teachers. Sources say that the school's custodial staff, cafeteria workers, grounds staff, catering and curricular suppliers were all contracts won by Momfia-run companies. 

Meadow Westlake, a third grade teacher at the school, says that a member of the Lakewood Momfia taught science in her class for four weeks because they didn't like the way she was teaching. "There were four of them who just walked into my room with the principal one day," she says. "One of the women whispered into the ear of the principal, and he told me I deserved a long holiday. I was given free tickets to a Power Yoga class for my science hour for the next few weeks, and was told that I would lose my job if I didn't go to the class." Westlake's name has been changed for fear of Momfia retribution. 

While the principal played ball with the local Cosa Nostra for a time, it seems that he woke up with the proverbial horse head in his bed when he would't let the Momfia rearrange the classrooms in the school into an order they felt was more logical for the coming school year. 

The principal was seen leaving Andrea's minutes before he sent his surprising email announcing his resignation.

A Momfia member, who refused to be named, spoke briefly with Fakewood News. "We wanted to change the school the right way, but we couldn't, so we did what we had to do."