Newer Local Craft Beer Concept Replaces New Local Craft Beer Concept

Craft Beer is on its way out and in. 

Craft Beer is on its way out and in. 

Everyone's favorite local watering hole has been all the rage since it opened. Between social media buzz and award-winning appetizers, it seemed the bar couldn't be stopped. But a recent downturn in sales has caused the establishment to shutter its doors. 

"People love to say craft when referring to what they are consuming," said owner Hops Brewton. "We would literally walk to Whole Foods, buy 24 packs of cans or bottles, and then sell them for three times the price," Brewton commented. "I think people were willing to pay because of all the dirty couches they could sit on."

Since the beginning of February, sales have been down, and after being inundated with business in its first weeks, Hops has had to close his doors after 37 days in business. "I guess people started walking themselves to Whole Foods," Hops said. 

Fortunately for Lakewood craft beer connoisseurs, Hops' concept has been revamped by local owner Chalice Barley, who has a newer craft beer concept in store in the heart of the neighborhood. "I moved some couches to different locations, and to increase the profit margins, we buy our beer from Trader Joe's instead of Whole Foods," Barley said.

The new location will have a soft opening next week. "Honestly, I think most people didn't notice the change," Barley said. "People can still say the word 'craft' when discussing their weekend plans, which is the most important thing."